CDGirls Network Help and Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

please check through the information below to answer most issues if a solution is not found please email us at [email protected]

Billing Questions

Charged but never received password

Your password is automaticlly sent to the address you provided at the time you signed up. Please use the links below that corrispond to billing method you used to signup to have your password sent to you again. If you mistyped your email address when you signed up each billing company provides methods change your email.

What shows up on my credit card statement?

If you used ccbill to signup your statement will read :ccbill-rwjscans

If you used 2000 charge your statement will read :2000Charge

How do i cancel my membership

Use the link to the billing company that you signed up through to cancel your membership

Site/Access or problems related to the members area:

I Can't Log in:

Please make sure you are entering the correct login information:
All usernames and passwords are case sensitive so make sure you do not have your caps lock on by mistake. Also make sure you are not entering the number 1 or the number 0 in your password. The auto generated passwords we send to you do not contain these numbers they are in fact letters "lower case L" and "lower case O"

Be sure you are accessing the new site directly at with your username and password. Also, in order to access the new site you must have cookies enabled.

If you have cookies enabled and still cannot access the members site be prepared to note if you are given an opportunity to enter your username and password, and what specific error message you are receiving. send an email to [email protected]

"Session Open" error message

If you receive a message stating "This session is already open. Login failed" Please click the logout button on the screen, and do this on each computer you have logged in from. The new site only allows you to login from 3 different locations without sutting you off. Keep in mind that failing to logout will keep the session running for 12 hours. Therefore, if you fail to logout and simply keep trying to login from the same or different computers, you will eventually cause a conflict not allowing any further logins. We instituted this security measure to prevent individuals from obtaining accounts fraudulently, and publicizing passwords and usernames to third parties.

I logged in, but was immediately bumped off.

If you are being logged out immediately after logging in, you need to enable cookies in your browser's preferences or options. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, go to to this help page:

My IP is blocked

After five unsuccessful attempts to sign in with an incorrect user name and password the new site will automatically block the offending IP temporarily as a security measure. Pay close attention to what you are entering as your username and password. Please note that your username and password are case sensitive. You will be able to login again after a few hours, this is an automated security feature, please be patience, most intances by the time we recieve your email and respond, you will already be able to retry your login.

How do I download the movies to my hard drive Network uses MP4 files that stream through your browser. You are permitted to download our movies for personal use only. You can use various plugins available for your browser to enable media downloads. Each time a video is accessed a unique identier code is added to the video file and this code is associated with your member account. Please do not share or post our videos. Sharing our videos is in direct violation of our terms and conditions and you will be liaible for any legal damages resulting in your actions.